Lamorinda Village’s Shelter in Place Program for Seniors

During this pandemic, Lamorinda Village moved fast to serve and help seniors shelter and stay safe from COVID. Right after the SIP mandate, we began shopping for seniors in our commnunity. We tripled our volunteer base and made close to 2000 deliveries. Click here to see the KTVU story about a grocery store and a Village. This was the first positive grocery story of 2020 as there was no mention of hoarding and the lack of toilet paper on the shelves. 

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LAMORINDA WEEKLY | Planning ahead to prepare for emergency evacuations vital- especially for non-drivers With major fires burning all over the state, some close to home, and smoke blanketing Lamorinda most days as a daily reminder, the practicalities of exactly how to evacuate are a concern for many, especially older folks or others with limited mobility who don’t drive.www.lamorindaweekly.com

LAMORINDA WEEKLY | Lamorinda Village prepares for fire season with help from communityLamorinda Village has partnered with the National Charity League to put together 350 emergency go-bags for seniors. It is just one of the ways in which the Village is rallying to help the most vulnerable, with the support of the community.www.lamorindaweekly.com

ORINDA NEWS | Seniors Receive Emergency Essentials from Lamorinda Village, Volunteers Lamorinda Village, a support system which helps people age in their homes, arranged for National Charity League volunteer mothers and daughters to stuff 350 emergency/evacuation “go-bags” for seniors living independently in Orinda, Lafayette and Moraga.theorindanews.com

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