Village Talks and Presentations

John Swartzberg MD
Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology - Q&A

Strength Training - A Cornerstone to Successful Aging

Fire Safety Workshop

Family Love Letters - Aviva Black

Pearl Toy MD - Disease Prevention: Stories from My Work Life

Tekoa King, CNM, MPH on the Biology of Parenting

Lamorinda Village Meditation with Dr. Palakurthy

Rob Tufel - Cancer Support Community

Philippa Kelly - Cal Shakes

Mary McCosker on the California Rancho Period

Diane Dwyer on SB9

Breaking Trail: Mountains and Molecules with Arlene Blum

Vision of Orinda

Laura Waal - Neptune Society

Jim Scala on Folk Sayings and Old Wive's Tales

Dr. Chris Thompson

Ember Defense

Mary McCosker from the Lafayette Historic Society - Part One

Linda Fodrini-Johnson give a talk on Spousal Caregiving: A Road Map for Healthy Caring

Home Hardening

John S. Ascher PhD

Lamorinda Village - Med Pal

Paul Amstutz - Paddle to the Sea

Eileen White EBMUDs Climate Action Change

Dorian Chong - San Francisco Girls' Chorus

Nate Kattady and Dr.Rundall

Matt Shriner of Bright Star Care

Joan Grimes

Public Health in the East Bay

Good Ideas Presentation

Jack Citrin PhD

Eileen White on our Water and Wastewater System

Matt Rinn - State Farm Agent on Fire Insurance

John Swartzberg MD, FACP

John Pugh's presentation on Trompe L'oeil Murals

Speaker: Annalise Morris, CFP, ChFC, CDFA

Speaker: Dr. Alexandra von Meier (Sascha)

Commissioner Russell Yee

Artist Mardy Fox Rawls

Russ Granich MD and Beth Logan on Dementia

Susan Candell - Mayor of Lafayette

Gene Osofsky: How to Avoid Going Broke If You (or Your Loved One) Need Nursing Home Care

Jill Amstutz presents on Innovation in Acute Stroke Therapy

Justin Fox, Immigration by the Numbers

Courtney Corda of Corda Solar on Four Backup Power Solutions

Dr. Joe Fox on Snow Leopards

Lifestyles and the Brain

Dr. Jennifer Aaker presents Humor, Seriously: Why Humor is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life

History of Wildfire

Advanced Directive

Palliative Care



California End of Life Option Act


Jim Margraff

Chair Yoga


Passage of our Lives Barcelona

Lamorinda Village History

Inez Fung PhD. UC Berkeley Professor

Dr John Swartzberg