Valuing the Gift of Service

A challenge many individuals share after they retire is finding meaningful and deep connections in work and play. At Lamorinda Village, we believe that life after retirement is an opportunity for continued growth, purpose, and contribution. Through our “Gift of Service” pillar, we aim to empower members to enhance their post-retirement life by engaging in rewarding activities, creating an encore career, and accomplishing goals that make our community a better place. One avenue for this might be joining the board or becoming a committee member, where members can leverage their wealth of experience to shape the direction of our community initiatives.

Volunteer opportunities abound in Lamorinda Village, whether it’s teaching classes based on experiences of work/travel/special interest, providing transportation to home-bound members, or distributing groceries to community residents. We also recognize the healthy by-product of actively participating in gatherings that foster connections with fellow members. Lamorinda Village believes in the value of members’ professional expertise and the potential for continued learning, growth, and social connection. By tapping into the talents and skills developed over a lifetime, members can find fulfillment in giving back to the community. 

For those still working part-time or who are busy caring for others, we provide flexible opportunities that align with their schedule. Whether it’s contributing to committees by Zoom, volunteering intermittently, or sharing insights from ongoing professional endeavors, we strive to create a space where every member can find a unique way to contribute and bloom. 

Together we’re building a thriving community that not only supports members’ health span, but also celebrates the meaningful impact they can continue to make long after retirement.  

“Several birthdays ago, a friend gave me some cocktail napkins that read, ‘Please stop me from volunteering again!’  That plea exemplifies my alter ego. But I love the feeling of being useful.”  

Sharon’s working life has been spent in health care, first as a nurse and then as a health care attorney. Asked to join the board of a hospice organization before retiring, she learned the side of life that most of us want to ignore: the end of life. Since she had started in nursing as a maternity nurse, she jokes that she has had a “womb to tomb” career. 

As she approached retirement, though, she felt her trajectory had a gap in it:  Too many of her friends retired at 60 or 70 and then never used that wisdom they had accumulated over the years. “What a waste,” she thought. An article in the New York Times alerted her to the Village movement and she joined a small group planning to create Lamorinda Village. Some years later, she retired from her practice, became an emerita board member of the hospice nonprofit, and found time and energy to come on the board of Lamorinda Village. She’s currently President and volunteers regularly at the Chateau in Lafayette, delivering groceries to residents.

“In retirement, many of us want to remain productive, active members of the community. Lamorinda Village gives me that opportunity to share my ‘time, talents, and treasure’ with an organization that helps me navigate the challenges of aging.”  Sharon believes she’s been given a gift.  Lamorinda Village appreciates the contributions, effort, and dedication from members like Sharon who volunteer their time and energy, enriching the lives of others in the village.