Clarita Wooldridge — Lafayette, Board Member

Clarita always knew she wanted to be a nurse. She fulfilled that dream by attending Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing, graduating summa cum laude. She returned to UCSF and earned a BS and MS in Nursing. She also holds a lifetime junior college teaching credential. As an RN, Clarita embarked on a wonderfully fulfilling career. During these busy years, Clarita married, had three children, and kept her nursing license active, which she applied to volunteering at the American Lung Association and other non-profits. She actively participated in her church, becoming a Stephen Minister and developing an assisted living and care center. Answering a calling, Clarita earned a Master of Divinity at San Francisco Theological Seminary and is ordained in the PCUSA Church. Clarita melds nursing and ministries by serving those with chronic illness, life-changing diagnoses, and end-of-life decisions. Clarita finds great joy in acknowledging the many blessings this life has given her.