Fostering Connections

Lamorinda Village provides a space where members are accepted, stimulated, and can gather with new and old friends to share interests, activities, goals, and the aging experience. Social muscles are engaged by Don’s Happy Hours, Solo Living Group, and a mosaic of interest groups.

Although all four branding pillars have elements of support for emotional health, Brand Pillar #3 focuses on this aspect of healthy aging most closely. It is well known that social isolation is detrimental to emotional health, and providing programs and services designed to prevent isolation and to promote connections between and among members is central to the purpose of Lamorinda Village. Accomplishing this purpose begins with welcoming new members. All adults in Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda from age 55 on are encouraged to join the Village. Inclusivity is central to our guiding principles. Income is not a bar to membership, as we have resources and partnerships, such as that with the City of Lafayette, to subsidize the membership fees of those who might otherwise be unable to join.

Once a member, they find many programs that foster connections, such as the Men’s and Women’s Coffee and Conversation meetings, the Don’s Happy Hours, the Village Book Club, and Turning Point. There are also special interest groups, some formed spontaneously, and others organized by the Village, such as Spanish Conversation Group, and Solo Living.

Becoming a volunteer as well as a member can also result in meaningful connections with others in the Village. Driving a fellow member to a medical appointment or helping in the LV office offers the opportunity to make the acquaintance of individual members.

“Recently I was asked what the best time of my life was. I thought hard, because there have been very high and very low points in my life, but in my senior years I was suddenly in a position of needing to rent rooms in other people’s houses. Fast forward to finally having an apartment of my own in a truly wonderful place: Lafayette. Soon after moving here two years ago, Lamorinda Village made a presentation at Belle Terre. I joined immediately, but it took a few months to get brave enough to join in activities.

Lamorinda Village has changed my life. Initially, I worried that we from Belle Terre would be either ignored or treated differently, but this has never been the case. This organization has allowed me to loosen up my introverted lifestyle, do volunteer work, and meet so many nice people that my calendar is full.

So the best time of my life? Right now. At 82 I’m happier than ever, thanks mainly to Lamorinda Village and all the wonderful people I’ve met.”