Our Village provides the opportunity to join a warm, caring community

When we make big life change, we often find our previous social networks don't fit into our lives in the same way.

In her early years living in Orinda, as a stay-at-home mom Kathleen made friends through school, sports, and writing articles for the Orinda News. Once she began working full-time at UC Berkeley, those connections faded, so that when she retired she needed to develop new relationships and find ways to stay active. In 2012 Kathleen heard about the group developing Lamorinda Village and joined the planning group that was making it a reality.

By participating in the start-up committees and continuing to volunteer on Village projects, she has met dozens of Lamorinda community members — including a long-time neighbor whom she’d never encountered due to the isolating topography in Orinda. She has been able using her experience in communications and organizational development to help support the Village and her fellow members. This has eased her transition from active career to rewarding retirement, in a way that relates directly to her current and future quality of life while contributing to the community.

While there are plenty of options for volunteering, only a Village creates an opportunity for members to develop deep relationships and mutually support one another with the aim of improving our quality of life and expanding our choices at all stages of aging.


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